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In Addition to Diet and Lifestyle, There Is an Added Ingredient That Can Speed Up the Reduction of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes!

Eye Conditions

Dr. McDaniel knew there must be a way to help reduce these common problems for his patients without expensive and invasive surgical procedures.  His research started with diet and lifestyle changes.

These results are what you'll find in his eBook.

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While doing this research, he discovered that certain vitamins and creams could speed up the results and even enhance them!  The problem is they are not readily available and difficult to find in the right combination.

 So here's his struggle...

  1. He wants to help his patients that need help with dark circles and puffy eyes, but aren't severe enough to justify surgery.
  2. He's done the research on how to help these conditions with diet and lifestyle changes... but needs to share this information.
  3. During his research he discovers vitamins and creams that can speed up the results, but they aren't available in the right combination/concentration.
  4. He's just a local doctor and doesn't have the same marketing budget and national reach like Rodan + Fields.

 What Can He Do To Help His Patients??

The first step in his plan to help his patients is what you've already received.  Dr. McDaniel created the eBook on diet and lifestyle changes and decided to give it away for free.  This information, by itself, will be able to help a TON of people!

Since he wasn't able to find companies that offered the correct combination of vitamins and creams in a single product, he pulled in his good friend Dave, to help find a manufacturer that could make it!

This brought some additional complications.  The manufacturer needed to be able to use the exact formula that Dr. McDaniel prescribed, be rated with the highest quality standards, be located in the USA, and to NEVER use any animal testing (Dr. McDaniel is a HUGE animal lover!).

It took some time... but Dave was able to do it!  He found a manufacturer in Florida that met all of the requirements.  They had the highest industry rating, were able to use the exact formula that Dr. McDaniel wanted, AND they NEVER conduct any animal testing AND don't use any animal derived products!

Dr. McDaniel Youthful.World Skin Care

Now Dr. McDaniel has his solution for his patients to be able to self-treat their conditions, a properly formulated eye cream to help speed up the results... but how does he get this information out to the most people possible?

The problem is that the skin care industry is big money, and there are lots of LARGE companies, with HUGE marketing budgets.  How can a small town doctor compete with a company like Rodan + Fields, even though he has a superior solution?

If you've ever had friends or family harassing you to buy Rodan + Fields, now you'll know why.  It's a multi-level marketing scheme.  The people selling Rodan + Fields are part of a pyramid.  They get paid commission for every sale.  The people that brought them in get paid a commission.  The people that brought those people in... get paid a commission.  There's more money going into commissions and marketing then there is into the actual products!

How Does A Local Small Town Doc Compete With That??

Dr. McDaniel went for help to the same person he did before... Dave!  Dave's plan is what you are reading right now. 

  1. Give away the information on diet and lifestyle for free.  
  2. Have a 60 day money back guarantee on the eye cream to encourage people to try it risk free!
  3. Ask his patients/customers to leave product feedback and spread the word!
  4. Offer a GREAT DEAL on the custom formulated eye cream.

1. You already received the eBook for FREE

This is a great resource and will help you naturally reduce your dark circles, puffy eyes, and even crows feet!

2. 60 Day Guarantee??

Yep, 60 days!  What better way to convince people to try your products instead of the over-marketed (and over-priced) big companies (like Rodan + Fields)?  

3. Product Feedback

On every product page is a section called "Customer Reviews" and is right below the product price.  You can click on "Write a review" and you'll be given the form to fill out.  After you've had a chance to try out Dr. McDaniel's products, head back to the website and leave a review.  Dave has been known to send out discount codes as a thank you!

4. What's The Great Deal on the Custom Formulated Eye Cream?

Dr. McDaniel's products are available on Amazon, but selling there is expensive and his eBook is not available there.  Instead of paying all those fees to Amazon, Dr. McDaniel is offering his products direct to you, through this offer, and taking the fees off the product price!

In addition to you getting Amazon's fees, Dave suggested giving an additional discount when customers order on a subscription basis.  Subscriptions make inventory management easier on the company, so we'll  pass this savings on to you too!

Subscriptions are easily managed and you can cancel at any time!


  1. The FREE eBook! (Priceless information!)
  2. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (Priceless piece of mind!
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    We are not a large company and don't have giant warehouses.  Everyone will be jumping on this offer and it's first come first serve!  We always prioritize our subscription customers, so join now and avoid missing out!


    Here's what customers are saying on about our eye cream:

    • Jody: Better than Rodan & Fields!
      I used to use the Rodan & Fields brand. I like this one much better! Just love how it feels!
    • Patrice Clark: I Love this product line!!!
      I have been using this every morning and evening faithfully. I have always had puffy dark bags under my eyes all my life. I am amazed at what this product has done. I have noticed a big change in both the color and puffiness. I highly recommend this to everyone!!
    • JannaFive Stars
      Really reduces fine lines; makes my eyes look more bright and awake.
    • Diorabelle: Incredible Product
    • Amazon Customer: This eye cream is wonderful! I can already see a difference in the ...
      This eye cream is wonderful! I can already see a difference in the puffiness of my eyes. Just like the other Youthful World products I've tried this is so very light on my skin, after it dries (and it dries quickly) I can't even feel it.
    • Amazon Customer: Do not rub in, tap on
      You need this . Only been using about 2 weeks . Have noticed a difference .


    • Accelerates dark circle elimination
    • Helps improve microcirculation in the capillaries
    • Helps reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines
    • Soothes and rejuvenates with Arnica and Vitamin K
    • Free Shipping in the USA
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Eye Cream with Vitamin K and Arnica
    $44.99 $59.99