Rich Repairing Night Cream

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  • YOUTHFUL.WORLD Rich Repairing Night Cream counters the aging process by repairing dry and damaged skin and maintaining soft and hydrated skin.
  • This special formula was created by Dr. McDaniel to provide vital support for healthy, YOUTHFUL skin. It was originally created for his patients to use daily and after procedures performed in his aesthetic practice.
    • Fights the aging process
    • Maintains Soft and Hydrated Skin
    • Restores dry and damaged skin
    • Revitalizes shine and complexion
  • Contains safe and organic ingredients. The repairing agent comes from the Cotton Thistle Plant. This natural ingredient stimulates the proteins in the outermost layer of your skin to speed up the natural repair process. To make the cream absorb comfortably into your skin, Dr. McDaniel utilizes the rehydrating oils from the fruit of Palm Trees. They provide a gliding soft texture to the cream, allowing your body to go to work repairing your skin as you sleep.
  • NO ANIMAL TESTING and no use of animal derived raw materials.
  • Made in the USA in a GMP compliant facility.

Use our Rich Repairing Night Cream every evening before bed to combat the aging process while you sleep! Created by Dr. Matt McDaniel, this special formula maintains soft and hydrated skin while also repairing dry and damaged skin. It contains safe and natural ingredients, free from any animal testing or any animal derived raw materials. Fight the aging process while you sleep!

More About The Cotton Thistle Plant

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Remove all make up and clean your skin. Apply to face before sleep.


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